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DJI pocket 2. Savage Images North Yorkshire wedding and event photographer

I’ve been having lots of fun with these new mirrorless cameras and also the Rf lenses. I'm currently editing my most recent wedding and I’m wowed by the R6mkii at how on point the focus is and how sharp it is.

Im having fun with its video capacity also. But being a duel photo / video shooter is still a bit of a challenge. So I’ve just got this. The DJI pocket 2 gimble camera.

The stabilisation on the mirrorless cameras is amazing, but I'm feeling like I need a run and gun fun gimble cam. I’ve used the big Ronin's before. But having to set it up with the main cameras is time consuming, heavy and not great if you need to switch between video and stills. I also found phone gimbals not so fun as the auto focus seemed to not keep up with the subject if you moved close or further away unless you was pressing the screen every second to get focus. With active track, this should rid of that problem.

So I’ve decided to try this for fun, quick snip shots that I can quickly grab from the pocket, get great video, and then snap away for picture taking without having to mess around with the main cameras.

Always investing 🙈

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