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Martin Savage
Martin Savage, Savage Images Yorskshire Based Photographer
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Martin Savage Photographer
Hi, & thanks for visiting my website

My name is Martin Savage, I have always had a keen eye for photography ever since childhood. So being a bit of a concert geek, back in 2016 I thought I would look for the best camera to suit my needs for live music photography as a hobby. At the time the Canon's 5D Mark 3 seemed the top contender, with the Canon F2.8 70-200mm I.S U.S.M II lens. Prior to this I had been practising with a 750D. I then added the Canon 5D Mark 4 in 2018 to my kit, and recently the mirrorless Canon R5 & R6mkii which I would say is Cannon's flagship cameras for the shoots that I do to date. All 5 cameras are a dream to work with.

I started doing family photography in surroundings that the kids and pets can run around and be themselves. I love candid shots as they naturally show off individual personalities. I then went onto christenings and local events, which landed me a job at Club Amadeus in Northallerton, Yorkshire. I love meeting lots of fresh faces and making new friends. I volunteered to do the Northallerton Town Carnival. Which again helped me test out new skills and become known in the community. 


Today, not a lot has changed with the way I shoot. I pride myself on candid shots and capturing the moments as they happen.

I love any job I get asked to do, either it be weddings, christenings, family shoots, live music, sports, local events... anything you can throw at me is a challenge to test my skills and learn some new ones.

I would class myself as a journalistic photographer. Most shoots that I do, capture the magic of the day as natural as possible. I will grab those all important group shots, but the idea is for you to get on with your day and enjoy yourself. 

If you have any questions, or want to talk photography, please feel free to get in touch via my contact page.

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