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A little wet

Well the other half and myself did our first joint wedding together. Along with the Canon R5‘s debut wedding. Just wow ! What a camera ! The weather was very hit and miss but we got to meet a good few characters and had a blast ! It looks like we cheekily snapped each other on the job 😅

I had a play about with the R5’s video capabilities and was stunned by the in-body stabilisation. So whilst on the job, I may have ordered myself a 16inch MacBook pro 2021 with the M1 chip. As my 2014 MacBook is getting a little sluggish and I’m looking to do more video work with uncompressed files. I will throw in a wedding highlight reel for these clients as an added extra so I can play about with the new set up.

Editing with the files of the R5 and the new laptop is just on another level and well worth the investment 🤘

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