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The Rf 24-70mm L series f2.8 IS USM lens

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

So I finally invested in my first RF lens. These new lenses are Canon's flag ship lenses made for the new mirrorless cameras such as my R5.

They offer extremely quick auto focusing, sharpness and stabilisation for both pictures and especially video capabilities. With a f2.8 appetture to let lots of light to the cameras sensor. Which means, sharper, cleaner images while separating the subject from the background. It feels like a tank to hold, it feels like the price you pay for it. The lens fixes closer to the camera sensor so the beams of light have less space to disperse over the old Ef lenses. The glass also has a pro coating to reduce lens flare and ghosting to reproduce accurate clean, sharp edged colours. More connectors through the mount for faster lens / camera communication and also.... dual nano focus motors. That's a mouth full

I even paid £400 more to get it from a supplier I trust more than the last supplier I used for camera equipment as they really let me down. So at nearly £2,700..... I'm sure it will be worth the investment. Again. This is why us pesky camera people are so expensive to hire 😃

It's like having a new baby 😅

And I also invested in 4 tascam audio recorders so I can produce better video, with clean defined audio to capture speeches, and ceremonies. I have had a play around with video before but now we're really cooking to add better video reels to your wedding album.

The pictures this lens has produced already shows greater difination and sharpness on the eyes of a subject.

Very happy

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